Facts about AnnaViktoria – a touch of Scandinavia

I started AnnaViktoria in 2006 hot russian women out of an unyielding feeling and a creative urge to design; with a large portion of passion blended with my entrepreneurial background. The sensation was great: My own business, my very own operations, and my own designer brand.

The background to my creative talent lies in the inspirational upbringing in my craftwork family in Dalarna. My grandmother’s Flemish tapestries and grandpa’s joinery work have provided for my passion for colour, form and design. This heritage lives on inside me – when I create something I want tradition and innovation side by side, in harmony. Patterns and forms should be durable but still evolve with time. Presently I am living and working in Jämtland where my design has grown more clearly defined – ‘a sense of Scandinavia’ – based on traditions translated into the present. Hence the moose, reindeer, Dalecarlia horse and the traditional patterns will be joining me on new ventures.

Business concept

AnnaViktoria produces and designs products under the own brand as well as for other companies; all with a passion for Scandinavian expressions and pattern traditions.


To conserve Scandinavian expressions and traditions through modern design.


A sense of Scandinavia.

Value judgements

  • Passionate
  • Business minded/Professional
  • Courageous
  • Genuine
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